Class descriptions

Classic BARRE

Our classic, 60-minute BARRE class!


Expect to spend a portion of time at the barre working the legs, followed by a strengthening arm series, core work and lastly a heavenly yoga-inspired stretch.


This class is beginner friendly and a full-body workout!

Express BARRE

Need a quick full-body burn over your lunch break? Check out Express BARRE, a 45-minute condensed version of our Classic Barre class.


Blue BARRE Express

Join Rose for a 45-minute class working to lengthen and release muscle groups we use regularly in BARRE, using
a combination of yoga-inspired movements incorporating our infamous "blue ball" set to mellow beats.

BARRE & Bend

Our slower-paced Core & Bend class puts an emphasis on stretching and elongating our muscles with yoga and pilates inspired movements, along with familiar exercises from our Classic Barre class.


BARRE-bata weaves intervals of cardio throughout our Classic BARRE class. Low and high impact options will be given. Be prepared to sweat!


Find your zen at BARRE Yoga! This class infuses vinyasa flow with juicy, yin-style poses to restore and renew.

Mom & Baby BARRE

Start your post-natal fitness journey with your new babe in tow at our Mom & Baby BARRE class! 

Pre-Natal BARRE

Join BARRE Kamloops for a low-impact class specifically design for the momma to be! Focusing on maintaining strength and mobility through small isometric movements under the guidance of a certified Pre-Natal Fitness Specialist, BARRE is a safe and effective pregnancy workout.

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