Q. What should I expect at my first class?

First off, we are so happy you have decided to join us! At your first class, expect to spend a portion of time at the barre (aka.  the long, metal structure affixed to the wall), followed by work for the arms, core and lastly a heavenly stretch before we send you on your way. Class is set to upbeat music and your instructor will talk you through everything you need to know. This is a full-body workout, so be ready to work hard and have fun! 

Q. Do I need dance experience to take a barre class?

Absolutely NOT! You need absolutely no dance experience nor do you need a "dancer's body" to do this class. Two left feet? No worries! Completely inflexible? Great! This workout meets you where you are at today, and gives you opportunities to challenge yourself as you build strength.

Q.  I hate lifting weights and don't want to "bulk up"...

A common misconception is that lifting weights will give you a bodybuilders figure. We are here to dispell that myth! It takes A LOT of hard work to get to that point, and also very heavy weights.  In barre, we only use between 2-5 lb weights with a focus on high repetitions and perfect alignment to sculpt and tone your arms, shoulders and back.

Q. I hear my teacher say the word "pulse"in class all the time.. What is she talking about?

Pulsing basically means isometric movement. What does that mean  you ask? These small, micro-movements (think just 1-inch!) work an already contracted muscle to strengthen and tone muscles without bulking.

Q. What should I wear?

We suggest wearing breathable and stretchy workout gear to class. Your instructor will be keeping a close eye on your alignment, so try to pick an outfit you can move comfortably in. Please also bring a pair of socks -- sticky socks if you have them!

Q. What should I bring to class?

We have everything you will need for class other than a bottle of water and a pair of socks, so just bring yourself and a positive attitude and you will be set!
Q. I'm Pregnant! Is barre safe for me?
Absolutely! We LOVE working with our clients through their pregnancy as we know that an active pregnancy is typically a healthy one. Our Pre-Natal BARRE Class is specifically designed for the momma-to-be, and focuses on building strength and mobility under the supervision of a Pre-Natal Fitness Specialist. You are more than welcome to join in our 6-week sessions at any point in your pregnancy, but we do suggest starting as early as you can so your body can build strength as you build up to  the day baby is born.
If you have done BARRE in the past or want to incorporate more than one class a week throughout your pregnancy, we can also work with you on modifications in our regular classes as well. 

Q. Do men ever attend barre classes?

Absolutely. Barre is an amazing workout designed to focus on small, stabilizing muscles so regardless of your gender, fitness level or size, we promise you will have fun and feel your muscles in a way you never have before.

Q. What if I am running late for class?

For those that have already signed a waiver and attended a class, you are free to join in until 10 minutes past the start of class. You will be expected to adequately warm yourself up and slip in with as little disruption to your fellow barre-goers as possible. If you are running late for your first class, we ask that you join us at another time when you can come 15 minutes prior to fill out a waiver and also so we can get you set up with the necessary items you will need for class.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the our smaller class sizes, we require 2-hours notice when cancellation a reservation for a class. Missed classes without the appropriate notice will be charged as if attended if you have a punch card, or are subject to a $10 No Show/Late Cancel fee for clients on unlimited memberships or packages, due at the beginning of your next class attended.

Q. Can you get on a waitlist?

If the class you want to partake in is full, we offer a waitlist option for up to 5 students per class. Clients who have made it off the waitlist and  into the class will receive an automated email/text message the minute a spot comes available. Email notifications for waitlist transfers will send up to 30 minutes before class starts and you will be given the option to decline the spot if you no longer can make it so the next person in line has the opportunity to join in.  If you have been added to the class, you are considered registered.

The option to cancel and/or monitor your spot on the wait list can be found in our Mindbody online reservation system