Ready for a workout that will completely change what you think about fitness? At BARRE Kamloops you will achieve a head-to-toe workout concentrating on the areas we all love to hate: hips, thighs, butt, abdominals and arms. Our BARRE technique is easy on  joints focusing on small, low-impact movements designed to designed to both stretch and tone.


Sound easy? Think again! Regardless of whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, we guarantee a uniquely challenging class that will work your muscles to fatigue in a way you thought was never possible.  To balance things out, each strength section of the workout is followed by a heavenly stretch in order to create long, lean muscles without added bulk.

Add to the mix a bit of music, a lot of AWESOME people, and a welcoming studio space, and you have BARRE Kamloops.

"Those tiny movements get me every time, but you  really do see
big results"

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