• Geralyn Alain

The Resistance Loop

If you haven't experienced a class incorporating our new resistance loops, get ready! These little circles will add a whole new level of challenge and burn.

A few tips and tricks to get the most out of any exercises with the band:

1. Don't snap! Resist the urge to let the band snap back, and instead find resistance in both directions to really get those muscles working.

2. Lay flat... Make sure your band is laying flat to avoid awkward placement and rolling.

3. Start easy! We recommend starting off with a yellow band to get the hang of the movements. Just like weights, it is better to start of easier and build up to more intensity without compromising technique and solid form.

4. Avoid those joints.. Ensure your band is not putting any pressure on your joints (i.e. your elbow or knees)

5. Knees over toes, please! With the added bit of extra tension from the loop, you may have the tendency to start collapsing through the arches of your feet which can throw off your alignment. Instead of giving in to the band, still focus on the "knees over middle toe" rule by focusing on the opening through your thighs and engagement of the glutes regardless of whether you are in a turned out or parallel position.


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