• Geralyn Alain

Technique Tip - Bridge

Are you ready to get those hamstrings and glutes working? Time for a bit of bridge!

This exercise come in MANY different variations including feet on the ball, one leg lifted, and variations with the resistance band. In addition to being a great way to tone the "back line" bridge is also a wonderful way to find mobility through the spine through careful articulation of the


Check out a few tips to think about in your bridge below:

  • Watch your back! Avoid overuse and tension in the lower back by slightly tucking the tailbone under to engage hamstring and gluteus. Also think of leading with the hip bones instead of flaring the ribs to keep your core connected.

  • Dig your heels in.. Press the heels into the ground to engage the back line of the legs

  • Give yourself some SPACE! Reach the knees away to create more space for the body when lifting the hips up

  • Get those feet in line.. Your feet should be truly parallel

  • Lifting the heels .. Make sure ankles are straight, not rolling in towards the baby toe

  • We see you rollin'....When rolling your way up and back down, articulate the spine thinking of each of your vertebrae hitting the mat one at a time -especially through the low back- this can be a sticky part on some people.


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