• Geralyn Alain

Holiday Survival Tips!

Are you trying to find a healthy balance this holiday season? With yummy food, treats and cocktails at every turn, here are a few handy "Holiday Survival' tips from the team at BARRE Kamloops!

1.Step away from the appetizer table! Grab a few things for your plate and vacate! 2. Place your drink in your non-dominant will subconsciously consume less. 3. In buffet situations, focus on the protein and veggies. Avoid fillers like that tempting white bun or pasta. 4. Don't skip meals the day of a party - eat normally through the day so you don't arrive famished. 5. Schedule in your workouts and stick to your plan - even though it is a busy time of year, make fitness a priority so you are not playing catch-up in January!


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