• Geralyn Alain

Technique Tip - BARRE Stretch

Ahhh the barre stretch... one of the most relaxing, beneficial, and for some, intimidating parts of class.

As always, we encourage all of our students to listen to their body. Does your leg on the barre seem like a bit too much? Feel free to bring your heel down to your mat or even use the lower window-sill for a less intense stretch.

A few other things to think about:

  • Breath: Don't forget to breathe! Use your exhale to relax further into the stretch

  • Alignment: Focus on proper alignment of the hips, shoulder and feet by making sure you are listening for your instructor's cues. In particular, make sure you are bringing your supporting foot with you as you pivot into a new position to avoid any twisting though the knee.

  • Ankle Cushioning: If your ankle is uncomfortable on the barre, feel free to grab an extra mat for some cushioning. Our "Bella" ToeSox also have an awesome heel tab!

  • Don't Overstretch: You should feel the stretch in the belly of the muscle and not towards the insertion at the top of your hamstring or joints. If you are feeling the stretch in either of these places, ease off by softly bending through the knee or coming out of the forward fold.


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