• Geralyn Alain

Flat Back & Forward Hinges - Technique Tuesday

Introducing #techniquetuesday with this week's feature, proper form in flat-back and forward hinges!

Many people feel like their core is strongest when their tailbone is tucked. NOT true! Trust us, your spine will thank you <3

To keep that low-back safe and your core strong, think of these three things and check out the correction demo below:

1) Long Spine: Instead of tucking the tailbone, think of rotating the tailbone slightly while reaching the sit-bones back. This will take pressure away from your lower spine and force you to use your core.

2) Strong Core : Think of drawing your belly button up towards your spine to keep those abdominals engaged.

3) Soft Bend in Knees: Do not lock out your knees! Strengthen your stabilizing muscles, glutes and hamstrings instead of relying your joints to hold you.

We look forward to practicing this in class with you soon! Don't forget, your 1st class is on us at and you can try a whole month of classes for only $60.


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