• Geralyn Alain

COVID-19 & Studio Relaunch

We are jumping for joy BARRE-Babes! We are so excited to see you IN-STUDIO for our soft re-launch starting next Monday, June 1.

Our phased relaunch will give everyone a chance to get used to the “new normal” we are adopting to keep you and our instructors safe amidst the ongoing pandemic. From June 1-15, our limited schedule of 6 classes a week will be by $10 drop in only. Memberships will resume June 15 and two months added to all annual passes & punch card expiries.

Things will look very different as we re-launch in person classes - here are a few things to expect:

* If you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms (coughing, fever, sneezing, runny nose) please stay home.

* Leave everything you can in your car or at home.

* Arrive ready to workout in appropriate gear, socks, and bring your own water as there will be no water cooler in the studio.

*When you arrive at the studio, you will be required to sanitize hands with provided sanitizer. Masks are not required, but please do what you feel makes you most comfortable and safe.

*Once yours hands are sanitized, grab your weights & ball and head directly to the mat furthest from entrance. Please note, we ask that you DO NOT bring mats or props from home to limit what is coming in and out of the controlled environment of our studio space.

* At the end of class, leave your weights and ball on your mat. Our team will be disinfecting BARREs and other high touch, non-porous surfaces with medical grade disinfectant, and mats with Lysol spray (both EPA approved for killing off COVID-19).

* Bathrooms will be available for emergencies only. Please do what you can to go prior to class.

* With the 6 ft minimum distancing, capacity will be limited and therefore a late-cancel/no show fee of $10 will be strictly enforced. If you are not sure you can make it to class, please leave the spot open for another BARRE-babe.

* The studio will only be open 15 minutes prior to class to ensure adequate time for sanitizing. Please enter from the Victoria St entrance as the door will be propped. Please DO NOT wait or linger in the hallway upon entrance and exit of studio to ensure the ability to maintain physical distancing. Studio and building doors will be locked once class begins, so please ensure you arrive on time.

* To accommodate for our limited capacity, we will be continuing on with LIVESTREAM in-studio classes for members which will be accessible through Mindbody come June 15. We will be live-streaming limited classes from June 1st-15 on Zoom.

If you have absolutely ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an email at We are all in this together and we ask that you be patient as we navigate through these major shifts!


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